Scratch directoryΒΆ

Dalton and LSDalton need a scratch directory to write temporary files. Ideally, this should be a fast-access disk.

You should always specify an explicit scratch directory with:

$ export DALTON_TMPDIR=/full/path/scratch

or by using:

$ dalton   -t /full/path/scratch [other flags and options]
$ lsdalton -t /full/path/scratch [other flags and options]

Which overrides DALTON_TMPDIR. If DALTON_TMPDIR is neither set nor passed to the run scripts, Dalton and LSDalton will search /global/work/$USER /scratch/$USER /work /scratch /scr /temp /tmp as candidates for a scratch directory. However, you should not let (LS)Dalton default to those.

Do not point DALTON_TMPDIR to your home directory! To prevent loss of data (LS)Dalton always appends a directory to DALTON_TMPDIR.